Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still raining

I wonder if the rain will ever end. Checked my garden out and the beans are up..The giant sunflowers are doing good too. Here are some pictures of some of my stuff. I had a 40's radio and got rid of it when I moved always wanted another, I say this is the sister of the one I had. They are identical. Deb (ZSM) got me this horrible lamp/clock. I love cabin and vintage horse stuff. This needle point is a one of a kind. I will post my paint by number pictures soon. I really love barkcloth curtains. These cabin drapes were really hard to find. Sometimes it takes me along time to find the perfect piece I am looking for. Got to go and get some coffee. I just love my Sundays alone and pieceful..


  1. Hey girlfriend! I just joined up as a Retrocurbclimberette and I loooove your stuff! It was raining here too today and since I was housebound all day yesterday as well I finally couldn't take it any longer, kissed the hubs bye-bye and headed out. This being a Sunday in the Deep South all the thrifts are closed and the flea market people don't set up if it's raining but I still managed to find some goodies at a couple of antique malls AND met some great people, to boot. Come over and visit me sometime, sweetie!

  2. Yeah! Glad people are checking you out!! And yes, the leaf clock is horrible, in a groovy kinda way! Zootsuitmama